Saturday, August 28, 2010

The anti love song

I'm not in love
It's just a silly phase i'm going through
And just because I call you up
Don't get me wrong
I am not in love no-no, I am not in love

I like to see you
That doesn't mean you mean that much to me
So if I call you don't make a fuss
Don't tell your friends about two of us
I am not in love no-no, I am not in love

I keep your picture on the wall
It hides the nasty stain lyin there
So don't you ask me to give it back
I know you know it does not mean much to me
I am not in love no-no, I am not in love

Oh you will wait long time for me
Oh you wait a long time for me

I am not in love so don't forget it
It's just a silly phase I'm going through
And because I call you up
Don't get me wrong, don't think you have got it made, ooh

I am not in love no-no, I am not in love......(I read this poem in Paulo Coelho blog. Paulo Coelho is a well known writer of "The Alchemist")

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Earlier Delhi was known for Mir and Galib. Now it is known for its malls and metros. But real Delhi lives in Old Delhi, in Chandani Chowk, in its narrow streets, in Lal Kila around Jama Masjid, around Kutubminar. But these places have become only the destination of tourists. Youngesters can be seen more in Delhi Metro, in big shopping malls and in multiplexes. Delhi is capital of India and there is no doubt that some places are very well developed and full of facilities. But on the other hand there are many sections of society living in Delhi don't have the economic power to accesss their basic ammenities. The people of lower strata of society who live here their condition is not satisfactory.  Under the nose of state and  central Government you can find out many child labours. Near Kutubminar there was a small hotel where not only locals but also foreigners use to come there some boys use to work in the hotel they live in very poor condition. Even they are not given proper food or clothes. Second thing on the name of butification of Delhi for commonwealth games Government has restricted vendors and footpath shops. But government has not assured their livlihood or employment. They are the people who earn daily then they able to win bread for their family members. One thing should be kept in mind that capital is not for the wealthy class or higher class. Each and every person has the right to live here and earn their livlihood. Beautyfication is ok but you must ensure the livlihood of the affected people. Government is very interested in commonwealth games but graph of crimes in Delhi is increasing. Common people who move in buses and autos do not feel safe especially girls. Many criminal gangs are active in capital and most of them are young people they have made it their instument of livlihood. Its a serious problem and government must think over it. One good thing in Delhi is its Delhi metro which is very helpful for commuters. Sridharan, chief of delhi metro is managing it very well. I have heard that even at this age he is very enthusiastic and dedicated to his work. But where there is no metro it is very painful for the people to travel. I got the time to see the museum of late Indira Gandhi. She was really the iron lady. She had a great persona and grace. She was very fond of reading. She had her library which was full of books. From Kali das to Bernard Shaw all were her favourites. In the museaum there was the sari which was worn by her when she was shot dead. There were some written verses of Rig veda by her which she wrote at the time of marriage of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. Really she was bold and beautiful.........with love and regard.....kundan.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rumi once said,"Exhale only love". I would say inhale love, exhale love and further become love. It is the only cure of our misery. Love is the very nature of human beings. Love is not a narrow phenomenon. It is very broad and pious. When we fall in love or rather we should say rise in love, because when we are in love we rise we don't fall. When we rise in love with the whole universe we become divine. In love we become blissful. Loving a certain person is love and loving the whole universe is meditation its ecstasy. Love is not a word it is a feeling. When people say "I love you" they only say it, they seldom mean it. Lovers don't need words their feeling is enough, glitters of their eyes are enough. If we rise in love and remain in love for 24*7*365, we will become divine or enlightened. Love is God. All the sufis and saints were in cosmic love, in romance with the life, in romance with the nature. God is not somewhere in the sky it is in the pair of every eye. Love is our very nature, we seem to forget our nature therefore we are in misery. We are not flowing with our nature. We are searching happiness. We don't know that we are happiness. We are the source of happiness the very creator of happiness. "Aham Brahmasmi", simply means that I am the creator of my own subjective world. In this sense all are "Brahma" because we create our own world. In Yoga Vashishtha, guru Vashishtha says to Rama that your mind is Samsara(world) when it rises the world rises and when it is dissolved world is also dissolved.
Moreover in Buddhism lots have been said about mind management. Once Buddha says to his disciple Mahamati,"Mahamati this is just mind, hell is mind, heaven is mind, success is mind, failure is mind, this world is just mind". Buddha was right. A loving person lives in a loving world and a hostile person lives in a hostile world, in the same world. Therefore mind management is the essence of life management. Every person should try to become the CEO of his mind. Rule your mind or it will rule you. Coming back to love, as a human being we are reservoir of love the more we give the more we get. Should our love be confined to a single person our own family members. No we should try to broden our perspective and try to shower our love to those who come in contact of us. The whole world is our family and by every second,,number of our family members is increasing. If this type of feeling can be aroused all evils will diappear. Be loveful and blissful. Inhale only love and exhale only love.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rajneeti a political saga

Watched movie Rajneeti on my examination day. This man of Bettiah(Bihar) has a great insight of politics. Mritudand, Gangajal, Apharn and now Rajneeti. He himself a great political player though could not win elections but contested for twice. I am talking about Prakash Jha the maker of this movie. Movie is modern world Mahabharta. All the characters of the movie is similar to the charaters of Mahabharta. Charater of Virendra Pratap Singh (Manoj vajpayee) is close to Duryodhana. Suraj (Ajay Devgan) is smilar to Karna. A "dalit neta" becomes a follower of Virendra Pratap Singh(Manoj vajpayee), who is hyper ambitious of power. Nana Patekar like Krishna played an important role. Role of Ranveer Kapur(Samar) is also very fine similar to Arjuna. Katrina kaif is normal. Despite all the hue and cry about her role due to some similarity with Sonia Gandhi is average. I think she has lots of scope of improvement as far as acting is concerned. Nashirudeen Khan's role as a communist leader is very small. One night incident made him to leave everything. If his role had been longer movie would have been more interesting.
Costumes of the charaters are also very political. Manoj vajpayee in his costume with safari suit moustache and glass looks like a wicked person. Nana Paterkar in the role of a senior political figure looks very good in Kurta Payjama and a shawl over it, looks likea real senior politician. Katrina at the end wears saree like Sonia Gandhi seems to copy her walking style, flying hands like her. Nasir dress is also very real like a communist leader wearing kuta of thick khadi.
Pace of film is very fast. Even for a single second you don't feel relaxed. Macedes cars and convoy of leaders use to move here and there with a high speed. Huge crowd of party memebers, rallies makes this film very political and interesting. How a corrupt politician after his death promoted as a martyr. How on the basis of sympathy people use to give vote to a widow. How a female party worker is used for political benefit. How Luxurious cars moves in dalit colonies. All you can see in Rajneeti. Car bomb blast in which Arjun Ram Pal dies reminded me the death of Rajiv Gandhi. After that Katrina becomes like Sonia Gandhi.
When Katrina marriages with Arjun Rampal it was also an unexpected turn. Prakash Jha managed very well this huge starcast. All the artists played thier role very well. Kudos for all the team members of Rajneeti.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Managerial excellence through Bhagwat Gita

Bhagwat Gita is a book of wisdom. Its full of management principles. We can bring personal excellence through the teachings of Lord Krishna. When we talk about managers, who is better manager than that of Krishna himself. Better utilisation of resources is the first task of a manager. When Duryodhana chooses Krishna's huge army and Lord himslef goes to Pandava side. Pandava had very limited resources, very limited number of soldiers. But it is his managerial skill that he uses resouces tactfully. And ultimately wins the war. First managerial principle is better utilsation of resources.
Now, we always talk about work culture. When we do vigorous and ardous effort to achieve a given task we create a good work culture. Lord Krishna tries to create a good work culture for the pandavas. He rebukes Arjuna for not having a good behaviour in the battle field. In spite of having a good knowledge and skill his behaviour was not right and he was trying to escape from his duty. God corrects his behaviour and result is well known.
Work culture can be of two types. Daivi work culture and Asuri work culture. Daivi work culture means fearlessness, purity, self-control, sacrifice, straight forwardness, calmness, absence of fault finding, absence of greed, gentleness, modesty, absence of envy and pride. Whereas asuri work culture means egoism, delusion, fear, corruption, dirty compitition and restlessness.
Mental health is very important for a good manager and a leader. Conservation of mental energy is a must. Bhagwat Gita has a solution for mental restlessness. Maintaining the eveness of mind in success and failure. When we keep our mind calm amidst of success and failure we can introspect ourself. We should keep it in our mind that success or failure is never final. In both situation we should introspect and its very important for self improvement. Do the duty without the feeling of doership. Think that divine is doing the work through you. So there is no need of thinking about the fruit of your action. Do your duty attentively, become the work then you cannot think about its outcome. Give your 100% that's it. Karma yoga is not about the outcome its all about our effort. See your effort not outcome of the effort.
In the field of management there are many theories of motivation. All the theories of motivation leads us to bondage whereas the theories of Gita leads us to real freedom and happiness. With the help of Krishna's theories of motivation Arjuna tranforms completely. Once he was not ready to fight but Lord brought a transformation in his behaviour through the light of knowledge. So, we are also like Arjuna hesitate to fight. Stand and take your bow & arrow and fight. First of all fight against your own weaknesses and limitations. Fight against your ignorance, fight against your fear. We all have some element of "Duyodhana". Fight against the Duryodhana who lives in yourself. Kill him and be a pure man, full of bliss, full of joy.
Krishna's advice "every action produces results, good actions produce good results  and evil begets nothing but evil therefore always do good you will sure be awarded".


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Muzaffarpur, lichi kingdom, my city, town, qasba, village. Anything you can call it. Its full of lichi and mango orchards. The present town came into existence in 1860s. Earlier it was part of Tirhut district. For the sake of administrative convenience Muzaffarpur was established. It was named after Muzaffar Khan, a revenue officer under British dynasty. Muzaffarpur has ancient temples like Baba Garibnath Mandir, Gurudwara at Ramna, Data Kambal Sah Mazar near Purani Bazar, Bada Imambara near Banaras Bank Chowk.
The downtown areas of Muzaffarpur are Tilak Maidan Road, Kalyani, Saraiyagunj and Motijheel. These areas are densely populated areas with small shops, selling plethora of goods and servies in colourful settings.
This place has several small&big factories like Prabhat Zarda Factory, Bharat Wagon, Muzaffarpur diary producing Sudha brand packaged milk.
Food and drink habit of Muzaffarpur people are not specific and authentic. Biten rice(chiwra) is served with creamy curd and sugar. Kheer, Poori, Litti are another Bihari brands.  Litti is a kind of paratha made with sattu, onion, chilli, garlic etc. Here toddy,  known as "Tari" is very popular among the people of lower strata of society.  Its "poor men's beer". Tari is a fermented juice of palm tree. Elite people feel ashamed to talk about these things exclusively related to backward castes. But, these are story of real India or we may say real Bharat.
Muzaffarpur has many good educational institutions like BRA Bihar University, LS College, LN Mishra College of Business Management, SK Medical College and Hospital, SKJ Law college, MIT, MDDM.
Outskirts of Muzaffarpur there is a place namely Bhagwanpur. If you go to the round about of Bhagwanpur you will get four roads. One leads to Champaran, workland of Gandhi. One leads to Vaishali, land of Buddha and Mahavira, One leads to Patliputra political capital of state and the last but not the least leads to Muzaffarpur the cultural capital of Bihar. Small towns, qasba has their own beauty these are the cowbelt of Indian heartland. Muzaffarpur is also one of the cowbelts of North India.
Chakkar Maidan is near Gobersahi, have been captured by Jat battalion. Earlier it was free for us and we had numerous of cricket matche here. It is a huge ground and very good for playing cricket. When I was in school i desperately used to wait for 15 August and 26 Janurary to see the fair organised in chakkar maidan. Bihar Hotel, Bharat Jalpan, Maharaja, Jubba Sahni Park, Devi Mandir, Motijheel, Khuddi Ram Bose Stadium, Sikandarpur Stadium, LS college, LN Mishra College, Bhagwanpur chowk, Chatta chowk, Chandralok gumti, Aamgola gumti will remain in my memory for ever.

Friday, April 30, 2010

A leader should be a swapan darshi, priya darshi, par darshi, satya darshi and sam darshi. Leaders are not only those who rule and control. One who tries to control the behaviour of others is not a good leader. In reality no one wants to be controlled. Why there is a question of controlling others? We don't have control over our own thought, behaviour and speech? We don't have control over our own heartbeat, our own digestion system. Its foolish to control others.
India is a land of leaders. We have so many great leaders, spiritual leaders, political leaders, social leaders, opinion leaders, and many unknown leaders. Leaders who inspire me the most is great Swami Vivekananda who's wisdom impressed entire world when he gave great speech in Chicago. Mahatma Gandhi is another one. His life was itself a great message. Che great revolutionary and leftist was also a great leader. Though he was voilent but is still a youth icon. Che was classic and romantic revolutioner.
Coming back to India we have Lord Rama and Lord Krishna two great personalities. As far as leadership qualities are concerned. These two ancient characters possess all leadership qualities. Lord Rama was a man of principles and man of truth. His dicency is unquestionable. He was "maryada purusottam" used to manage the army of monkies and showed his skill and achieved the goal of defeating Ravana. Ravana was also a good leader but what distinguishes him to Rama is his "ego".
Ravana was a man of letters, a good administrator, his lanka was prosperous.  Lanka was made up of gold, "sone ki lanka". But his ego destroyed him. Therefore if you have all the qualities but if you have this ego then there is a big problem.
Now Lord Krishna, a man who had a very light personality. He used to play flute, play with gopis, always used to smile. But he also possessed a great leadership quality. He motivated Arjuna when he was not ready to fight. A leader should be a motivator. He motivated Arjuna and gave the knowledege of Gita. Bhagwad Gita is still a great souce of inspiration for millions. In Mahbharta Lord Krishna was the charioteer of Arjuna but he was the real manager of the war. He was the main architecture or outliner of Mahabharta. He did nothing but he was responsible for everything. From him we can learn to fight a war with a smiling face.