Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rumi once said,"Exhale only love". I would say inhale love, exhale love and further become love. It is the only cure of our misery. Love is the very nature of human beings. Love is not a narrow phenomenon. It is very broad and pious. When we fall in love or rather we should say rise in love, because when we are in love we rise we don't fall. When we rise in love with the whole universe we become divine. In love we become blissful. Loving a certain person is love and loving the whole universe is meditation its ecstasy. Love is not a word it is a feeling. When people say "I love you" they only say it, they seldom mean it. Lovers don't need words their feeling is enough, glitters of their eyes are enough. If we rise in love and remain in love for 24*7*365, we will become divine or enlightened. Love is God. All the sufis and saints were in cosmic love, in romance with the life, in romance with the nature. God is not somewhere in the sky it is in the pair of every eye. Love is our very nature, we seem to forget our nature therefore we are in misery. We are not flowing with our nature. We are searching happiness. We don't know that we are happiness. We are the source of happiness the very creator of happiness. "Aham Brahmasmi", simply means that I am the creator of my own subjective world. In this sense all are "Brahma" because we create our own world. In Yoga Vashishtha, guru Vashishtha says to Rama that your mind is Samsara(world) when it rises the world rises and when it is dissolved world is also dissolved.
Moreover in Buddhism lots have been said about mind management. Once Buddha says to his disciple Mahamati,"Mahamati this is just mind, hell is mind, heaven is mind, success is mind, failure is mind, this world is just mind". Buddha was right. A loving person lives in a loving world and a hostile person lives in a hostile world, in the same world. Therefore mind management is the essence of life management. Every person should try to become the CEO of his mind. Rule your mind or it will rule you. Coming back to love, as a human being we are reservoir of love the more we give the more we get. Should our love be confined to a single person our own family members. No we should try to broden our perspective and try to shower our love to those who come in contact of us. The whole world is our family and by every second,,number of our family members is increasing. If this type of feeling can be aroused all evils will diappear. Be loveful and blissful. Inhale only love and exhale only love.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rajneeti a political saga

Watched movie Rajneeti on my examination day. This man of Bettiah(Bihar) has a great insight of politics. Mritudand, Gangajal, Apharn and now Rajneeti. He himself a great political player though could not win elections but contested for twice. I am talking about Prakash Jha the maker of this movie. Movie is modern world Mahabharta. All the characters of the movie is similar to the charaters of Mahabharta. Charater of Virendra Pratap Singh (Manoj vajpayee) is close to Duryodhana. Suraj (Ajay Devgan) is smilar to Karna. A "dalit neta" becomes a follower of Virendra Pratap Singh(Manoj vajpayee), who is hyper ambitious of power. Nana Patekar like Krishna played an important role. Role of Ranveer Kapur(Samar) is also very fine similar to Arjuna. Katrina kaif is normal. Despite all the hue and cry about her role due to some similarity with Sonia Gandhi is average. I think she has lots of scope of improvement as far as acting is concerned. Nashirudeen Khan's role as a communist leader is very small. One night incident made him to leave everything. If his role had been longer movie would have been more interesting.
Costumes of the charaters are also very political. Manoj vajpayee in his costume with safari suit moustache and glass looks like a wicked person. Nana Paterkar in the role of a senior political figure looks very good in Kurta Payjama and a shawl over it, looks likea real senior politician. Katrina at the end wears saree like Sonia Gandhi seems to copy her walking style, flying hands like her. Nasir dress is also very real like a communist leader wearing kuta of thick khadi.
Pace of film is very fast. Even for a single second you don't feel relaxed. Macedes cars and convoy of leaders use to move here and there with a high speed. Huge crowd of party memebers, rallies makes this film very political and interesting. How a corrupt politician after his death promoted as a martyr. How on the basis of sympathy people use to give vote to a widow. How a female party worker is used for political benefit. How Luxurious cars moves in dalit colonies. All you can see in Rajneeti. Car bomb blast in which Arjun Ram Pal dies reminded me the death of Rajiv Gandhi. After that Katrina becomes like Sonia Gandhi.
When Katrina marriages with Arjun Rampal it was also an unexpected turn. Prakash Jha managed very well this huge starcast. All the artists played thier role very well. Kudos for all the team members of Rajneeti.