Sunday, July 11, 2010

Earlier Delhi was known for Mir and Galib. Now it is known for its malls and metros. But real Delhi lives in Old Delhi, in Chandani Chowk, in its narrow streets, in Lal Kila around Jama Masjid, around Kutubminar. But these places have become only the destination of tourists. Youngesters can be seen more in Delhi Metro, in big shopping malls and in multiplexes. Delhi is capital of India and there is no doubt that some places are very well developed and full of facilities. But on the other hand there are many sections of society living in Delhi don't have the economic power to accesss their basic ammenities. The people of lower strata of society who live here their condition is not satisfactory.  Under the nose of state and  central Government you can find out many child labours. Near Kutubminar there was a small hotel where not only locals but also foreigners use to come there some boys use to work in the hotel they live in very poor condition. Even they are not given proper food or clothes. Second thing on the name of butification of Delhi for commonwealth games Government has restricted vendors and footpath shops. But government has not assured their livlihood or employment. They are the people who earn daily then they able to win bread for their family members. One thing should be kept in mind that capital is not for the wealthy class or higher class. Each and every person has the right to live here and earn their livlihood. Beautyfication is ok but you must ensure the livlihood of the affected people. Government is very interested in commonwealth games but graph of crimes in Delhi is increasing. Common people who move in buses and autos do not feel safe especially girls. Many criminal gangs are active in capital and most of them are young people they have made it their instument of livlihood. Its a serious problem and government must think over it. One good thing in Delhi is its Delhi metro which is very helpful for commuters. Sridharan, chief of delhi metro is managing it very well. I have heard that even at this age he is very enthusiastic and dedicated to his work. But where there is no metro it is very painful for the people to travel. I got the time to see the museum of late Indira Gandhi. She was really the iron lady. She had a great persona and grace. She was very fond of reading. She had her library which was full of books. From Kali das to Bernard Shaw all were her favourites. In the museaum there was the sari which was worn by her when she was shot dead. There were some written verses of Rig veda by her which she wrote at the time of marriage of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. Really she was bold and beautiful.........with love and regard.....kundan.