Saturday, January 7, 2012

     "Justaju ho to safar khatm kaha hota to har mod pe manzil ka gumaa hota hai". Life is a journey it goes on. No goal or achievement is final. Its just an illusion. At every stage of life we have different type of desires. When I was in school desire was to pass out and get rid from schooling. I thought I'd be free after schooling. But you never get freedom. As you grow in life from material point of view you may be fullfilled but there is something missing.
     Life is multidimensional. You have your family life, your personal life, your proffessional life, your spiritual life et al. If there is balance among all dimensions then only you can feel satisfaction. In life we should have a personal goal, a proffessional goal and a spiritual goal. When we stop learning and stop dreaming life becomes monotonous. Its true that we spend most part of our life in preparation. We postpone living life for the sake of some self made reasons. We prepare for living life. We ignore our present and always think for the future. But fact is that future doesnot exist. It exist in our mind only.
   "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara", its not only name of a movie but also a fact. Fear, jealaousy, anger, negative thoughts spoil our present. It not only deteriorate quality of life but also put a negative impact on our body. These negative thoughts are toxics thoughts. New research approves that they create toxins into our body. Quality of thoughts determines quality of our life. Mind is above all. God has placed it over our body. If we understand our mind and thoughts, if we can manage mind we can manage our life.
     There is a very beautiful story a sick person asks god "Why I am sick and why I am suffering". God replied "Remeber your good times you never said Why I am happy". Everything is momentry in this world. This shall too pass. Your misery your happiness everything will paas. Moreover God said. I have given you  mind which is above your body. Your mind is a powerhouse. Worship your mind and you will get rid of all your sufferings and keep faith in me...God Bless.