Friday, April 30, 2010

A leader should be a swapan darshi, priya darshi, par darshi, satya darshi and sam darshi. Leaders are not only those who rule and control. One who tries to control the behaviour of others is not a good leader. In reality no one wants to be controlled. Why there is a question of controlling others? We don't have control over our own thought, behaviour and speech? We don't have control over our own heartbeat, our own digestion system. Its foolish to control others.
India is a land of leaders. We have so many great leaders, spiritual leaders, political leaders, social leaders, opinion leaders, and many unknown leaders. Leaders who inspire me the most is great Swami Vivekananda who's wisdom impressed entire world when he gave great speech in Chicago. Mahatma Gandhi is another one. His life was itself a great message. Che great revolutionary and leftist was also a great leader. Though he was voilent but is still a youth icon. Che was classic and romantic revolutioner.
Coming back to India we have Lord Rama and Lord Krishna two great personalities. As far as leadership qualities are concerned. These two ancient characters possess all leadership qualities. Lord Rama was a man of principles and man of truth. His dicency is unquestionable. He was "maryada purusottam" used to manage the army of monkies and showed his skill and achieved the goal of defeating Ravana. Ravana was also a good leader but what distinguishes him to Rama is his "ego".
Ravana was a man of letters, a good administrator, his lanka was prosperous.  Lanka was made up of gold, "sone ki lanka". But his ego destroyed him. Therefore if you have all the qualities but if you have this ego then there is a big problem.
Now Lord Krishna, a man who had a very light personality. He used to play flute, play with gopis, always used to smile. But he also possessed a great leadership quality. He motivated Arjuna when he was not ready to fight. A leader should be a motivator. He motivated Arjuna and gave the knowledege of Gita. Bhagwad Gita is still a great souce of inspiration for millions. In Mahbharta Lord Krishna was the charioteer of Arjuna but he was the real manager of the war. He was the main architecture or outliner of Mahabharta. He did nothing but he was responsible for everything. From him we can learn to fight a war with a smiling face.


  1. very right a leader should have these qualities. why u have mentioned name of che with mahatma gandhi and swami vivekananda. Che was voilent whereas these two were non voilent.

  2. Che guera was a revolutionary. He used volience for the freedom of his country and sake of his ideology. He is a revered personlity for millions. Like Bhagat singh of our country was also used violence in order to protest against the cruel of Britishers. Sometimes voilence can be justified. Arjuna was a warrior it was his dharma to fight againt his ememies and Lord Krishna provoked him to fight. In this case entire Mahabharta is full of voilence. But extreme of any thing is bad. All great people had their own way of working. And we should understand their intention and intention was betterment of human being.