Sunday, May 2, 2010

Muzaffarpur, lichi kingdom, my city, town, qasba, village. Anything you can call it. Its full of lichi and mango orchards. The present town came into existence in 1860s. Earlier it was part of Tirhut district. For the sake of administrative convenience Muzaffarpur was established. It was named after Muzaffar Khan, a revenue officer under British dynasty. Muzaffarpur has ancient temples like Baba Garibnath Mandir, Gurudwara at Ramna, Data Kambal Sah Mazar near Purani Bazar, Bada Imambara near Banaras Bank Chowk.
The downtown areas of Muzaffarpur are Tilak Maidan Road, Kalyani, Saraiyagunj and Motijheel. These areas are densely populated areas with small shops, selling plethora of goods and servies in colourful settings.
This place has several small&big factories like Prabhat Zarda Factory, Bharat Wagon, Muzaffarpur diary producing Sudha brand packaged milk.
Food and drink habit of Muzaffarpur people are not specific and authentic. Biten rice(chiwra) is served with creamy curd and sugar. Kheer, Poori, Litti are another Bihari brands.  Litti is a kind of paratha made with sattu, onion, chilli, garlic etc. Here toddy,  known as "Tari" is very popular among the people of lower strata of society.  Its "poor men's beer". Tari is a fermented juice of palm tree. Elite people feel ashamed to talk about these things exclusively related to backward castes. But, these are story of real India or we may say real Bharat.
Muzaffarpur has many good educational institutions like BRA Bihar University, LS College, LN Mishra College of Business Management, SK Medical College and Hospital, SKJ Law college, MIT, MDDM.
Outskirts of Muzaffarpur there is a place namely Bhagwanpur. If you go to the round about of Bhagwanpur you will get four roads. One leads to Champaran, workland of Gandhi. One leads to Vaishali, land of Buddha and Mahavira, One leads to Patliputra political capital of state and the last but not the least leads to Muzaffarpur the cultural capital of Bihar. Small towns, qasba has their own beauty these are the cowbelt of Indian heartland. Muzaffarpur is also one of the cowbelts of North India.
Chakkar Maidan is near Gobersahi, have been captured by Jat battalion. Earlier it was free for us and we had numerous of cricket matche here. It is a huge ground and very good for playing cricket. When I was in school i desperately used to wait for 15 August and 26 Janurary to see the fair organised in chakkar maidan. Bihar Hotel, Bharat Jalpan, Maharaja, Jubba Sahni Park, Devi Mandir, Motijheel, Khuddi Ram Bose Stadium, Sikandarpur Stadium, LS college, LN Mishra College, Bhagwanpur chowk, Chatta chowk, Chandralok gumti, Aamgola gumti will remain in my memory for ever.

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